Belgian Beer World

Discover the Belgian Beer Culture at the iconic Brussels Stock Exchange

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Belgium's interactive beer experience

Belgium, the land of beer? That's for sure! Belgium boasts more brands of beer than any other country in the world. And another unique feature: Belgian beer culture has UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage status. Belgian beer quite simply holds an extraordinary mix of influences, creativity and... Belgitude. Discover what makes Belgian beer so special at Belgian Beer World.

Belgian Beer World is the world's largest interactive beer experience, it's a multi-sensory discovery of the divine Belgium brews. Housed in the famous "La Bourse", the former Brussels stock exchange. was the main multimedia contractor for this massive project, our scope was the full AV hardware installation and media production of over 100 interactive installations. The project features many custom installations such as the "Head of Brewer", an interactive videomapping onto a giant 3D printed sculpture. Get to know all about yeast in the immersive theatre's or discover your own taste in before heading to the skybar.

In partnership with fit-out companies Bruns and Potteau we formed team Tripel, the consortium responsible for the full fit-out.


Belgian Beer World




Brussels, Belgium


City of Brussels, Belgian Brewers Federation

Our scope

Audiovisual engineering
Audiovisual installation
After-sales & support
Hardware installation
Immersive production
Software development
Creative content creation
3D animation

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