Jaguar I-PACE reveal

The first electric Jaguar

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Mixing the physical and the digital.

The birth of an icon

For the launch of the first fully electric Jaguar, nothing short of an exclusive and high-end Launch event would suffice. In this unforgettable fusion of digital artistry and automotive innovation, guests were transported on a journey unlike any other.

Reserved exclusively for Belgian and Dutch dealers, the event unfolded within the confines of a TV studio, where guests were seated in large tribunes in front of a large stage. Infusing the atmosphere with an air of futuristic allure, the event transported attendees into a realm of science fiction, every detail meticulously curated to immerse them in an otherworldly experience.

As part of the captivating presentation introducing the new electric car, guests were treated to an enaging show. A futuristic figure appeared on a large screen, guiding attendees through the story's progression. Meanwhile, projection mapping on the floor evolved in sync with the narration. The climax featured the new electric car driving onto the stage, adhering precisely to the projected lines, concluding the event in a striking display of precision and innovation.


Jaguar I-PACE reveal


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