Go for launch

Launching rockets

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Launching rockets

After years of research and building secret prototypes, a gang of creative Ghent scientists are ready to launch a real space mission in their home port. A veritable Cape Canaveral at Dok Zuid! In the Zonder-Naampark you can feel the adrenaline bubble up as the team fills the rocket with fuel. 3-2-1... Go for launch!

After four successful editions, the International Light Festival Ghent wanted to amaze its visitors again in 2021. CREATE.eu designed a 3D video mapping with live effects, which achieved the desired 'wow' effect with the audience. The story 'Go For Launch' came to life by using a combination of 3D video mapping, CGI visuals and live pyrotechnics. As a result, it became the highlight of the Ghent light festival that has over 900000 visitors.


Go for launch




Ghent, Belgium



Our scope

3D animation
Creative content creation
Hardware installation
Immersive production
Immersive projection
Onsite production
Projection mapping
Audiovisual installation

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Over 900.000 visitors

We used visual perspective mapping techniques to create a real feeling of depth. The viewing angle of the visitors is quite fixed so we could create a real augmented feeling. Over 900.000 people visited the light festival. Our rockets were an absolute highlight.

We used various FX such as smoke machines, lights, deep audio and projection mapping to augment the experience.
Team CREATE.eu having fun at the opening.