Mastercard EU summit London

Time to accelerate

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Time to accelerate

As in previous years, we offered a full service audio-visual support for the Mastercard EU summit. To enhance the event's message, we installed ultra-high-resolution LED screens featuring custom-made visuals. Our services included custom stage design, integrated visual branding, and lighting concepts. The ultra-high-res LED setup ensured excellent visibility even in daylight conditions.


Mastercard EU summit London


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Mastercard, MCI Benelux

Our scope

Audiovisual event support
Creative content creation
Audiovisual installation
Onsite production
Hardware installation

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To empower the event message we installed ultra high-res LED screens with custom made visuals.
Custom stage design, integrated visual branding and lighting concept.
The ultra high-res LED setup is great for daylight conditions.
Premion AV support for AAA keynote speeches.

Behind the scenes

Have a look at some behind the scenes of our event team.

Backstage team
Checking out the visual branding
Final production meeting
Olivier, our event director during final rehersals.

A pixel perfect production

High level events like the Mastercard EU Summit require state of the art technology, we are very proud of the end result.

A high-end AV setup that works both in daylight and evenings.
Time to accelerate