Oceans of Light

An immersive journey into the depths of the ocean

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An immersive journey into the depths of the ocean

For the latest edition of Light Festival Ghent we got to work our magic in a massive hangar. Our team transformed the space into an underwater world. With a canvas spanning the length of 73 meters, we unleashed our creativity, using every inch to immerse visitors in a sensory spectacle.

Walking beneath the transparent holographic fabric, you'll feel as though you're travelling beneath the water's surface, surrounded by the illusion of an expansive ocean. The holographic mesh, providing an immersive touch, offers a unique perspective as schools of fish create a visually synchronized spectacle, casting an intricate dance above the heads of those passing through. However, this tranquil scene is not without its suspense. The result is an intriguing interplay of serenity and danger beneath the holographic waves. The play of light on the surroundings, coupled with an ambient soundscape created by Audiotheque, adds an extra layer of atmosphere to the installation.

Dive into the depths of the ocean, where the beauty of the underwater world meets an exhilarating sense of thrill as monstrous creatures shriek above.


Oceans of Light




Ghent, Belgium



Our scope

Creative content creation
Audiovisual engineering
Audiovisual installation
Hardware installation
Immersive projection
Immersive production

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Our team making sure everything is up to standard before the big public arrives.
The installation is tested and the final tweaks, fixes and polishing are done.