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Safely storing nuclear waste

The NIRAS Nuclear Energy Centre is a facility for storing and decommissioning nuclear waste. One of its most unique features is the visitor centre, where guests can explore and learn about the world of nuclear energy and the waste it produces.

In collaboration with Wondering (design) and Bruns (fit-out) we took on the challenge to produce the full multimedia package for this project. was responsible for creative content, interactives, animations, software and AV integration & hardware installation. The project features over 30 interactive installations, complex video mappings, dome projections, games,...

Some of the project highlights are:

Mechanisme Van Beheer: a "phygital" timeline that combines mechanical elements with digital projections and displays, the installation explains the nuclear storage process in a creative and very clear way.

Big Bang: a dome projection about the creation of our world

Going Underground: A virtual 4D elevator that takes you to the underground storage facilities

Half Life: An interactive LED installation about half life times

Tabloo is a benchmark project on how to communicate high-level science to various audiences. Because of the complexity in the various content layers (scientists, school,... ) and the multiple languages, we created a custom audio guide. Both the audio guide and the interactive exhibits connect to our CREATIVE CORE Content Management System.


TABLOO science centre


Interactive exhibits


Dessel, Belgium


Bailleul ontwerpbureau

Our scope

Audiovisual installation
Audiovisual engineering
Application development
Hardware installation
Immersive production
Projection mapping
Software development
3D animation

Images by

Inneke Gebruers & Studio-Vision

Media installations for science communication

Tabloo communicates about the science of nuclear technology and the waste it produces. The visitor centre is all about getting the difficult conversation started. Tabloo brings these complex topics though various media installations using tailored content. A school group will have a different content experience compared to a scientist. The visitor centre offers and edutainment experience for everyone. 

Left: the Big Bang is a 4D dome experience about the creation of our world and the basic principles of nuclear science.
Right: discover radioactivity in your own body on the camera tracking application. 

A 4D lift brings you to the underground nuclear storage facilities. Special fx such as vibration and immersive sound add to the experience.

Our approach to this immersive lift installation

Storyboarding and animation block-outs

3D VFX production

The storage mechanism

One of our favorite installations is "the storage mechanism", a Phygital experience that mixes digital techniques and mechanical movement. The installation shows the nuclear storage process in a rather unusual way.